Hello World (again)

I know this is beginning to be a pattern here but I have returned once again after a year long hiatus to start blogging again.

I thought in the past year I would start a YouTube series or at least a podcast but right now, it is just not happening. There is too much in the way and besides, I think my best medium is writing anyways.

You might notice (if you visited before) that all of the content is gone. Something went a bit haywire and I just ended up re-installing WordPress. I will try to bring back any content that is requested but otherwise I am going to start posting new content.

I know in the past I was mostly ServiceNow oriented but to be honest I have not done any fun ServiceNow projects in a while. I still work with SNOW but I am more interested in blogging about other topics.

I will still be primarily focused on tech but I will also try to post about other things that interest me which tie back to tech in some way.

I appreciate all the visitors that have checked in to my site over the years and I know if you are here, it is because you want to learn more through fun, useful projects and it is my goal to create that content.

Check back often or follow me on Twitter @errantProgrammr and yes the missing e is intentional.